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There is no Vaccine, There is no Escape, There is no Hope.

What a wicked game to play.

Xero Wicked
9 May
I cannot recall the date at the moment, for I am far to drunk, At least thats what the bouncer
was saying before he projectiled me from the bar. I tried to explain how sorry I was, I didn’t
want to stab that man with my broken beer bottle, he merely left me no choice, If one is inclined
to make such horrendous comments, one really should be prepared to pay the price, wouldn’t
you agree? Think about it for a moment if you will, If I was to refer to your mother as a pillow
biting gutter slut, wouldn’t you be just slightly inclined to want to incur some sort of injury on
me? Whats that you say? Your mother was an escort girl and you are the illegitament child of
one of her clients? Well... I’m terribly sorry, what a waste of time this conversation has been.
If you’ll be so kind as to excuse me...

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